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“Building within to intentionally reach out”

Comments concerning the Vision Statement:

The value in knowing your vision is that you can choose to take the specific paths that lead you there. Your action is intentional and keeps you pointed in the right direction. Such a vision must be drawn from an understanding of God’s will for Victory Baptist Church – His church and our vision must be aligned with the vision which God Himself has for this church. A vision has been described as a mental picture of the future, which finds its realization in the hands of the one who owns the vision. It is our desire that Victory’s vision becomes your vision; something each individual owns and take great pride in seeing fulfilled.

“So why does our Church exist? Does it exist for us? Does it exist for others? Does it exist for both? Who will be served first?” Dr. John Kaiser; author, consultant and executive coach (ex-President of The Fellowship)

These are important fundamental questions, and certainly debatable, yet we do know the balance for “why does a church exists”, between “us” and “others” cannot be equal. We must be mindful of our human nature and that the default path is inward but taking this path will only result in answering this question as, we will only exist for ourselves – and that’s not being obedient to God’s Word. Therefore, it is our desire and passion for Victory Baptist Church to be more outwardly focused and strengthen our focus to reach out to our neighbourhood.What does this mean for us? It means we need to intentionally point our ministry outward, get excited about our Mission and formulate plans to accomplish the great things God has planned for us. It means working together, serving and using your spiritual gifts to build a strong community of Christian believers and reaching out to the community and help to fulfill the Great Commission.

In order to intentionally point our ministry outward it may mean that we need to alter familiar habits and redeploy our resources for the sake of our church’s mission. As a result, a number of strategic initiatives have been developed that will launch our church vision and accelerate our mission.