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Effective communication between the church leaders and the church family is very important to Victory Baptist Church, so we strive to keep our church family informed of church news and events through various methods. In order to accomplish this, we ask everyone who considers Victory to be their home church to fill out their Family Profile on page 2. This information becomes part of our database which we then use to communicate with you.

Everybody who provides their email address will receive a weekly email through MailChimp, which is an email marketing program that we use to design and send out a Weekly Newsletter. This newsletter will inform you of upcoming events and news at VBC. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

From time to time we will send an email to inform you of an important reminder or to alert you of a time sensitive matter, such as a death or funeral. These are also sent through the MailChimp program, so keep in mind that if you do unsubscribe from the newsletter, you are also unsubscribing from these email reminders and alerts.

For those people who do not have email, you will be informed of these important reminders and alerts through our phone tree, which is an automated calling system which delivers voice messages to your home phone, or your cell phone if you don’t have a home number.

An important source of information is the weekly bulletin, which is available in print on Sunday morning or you can read the current weekly bulletin on our website.

Be sure to check the rest of our website to find detailed information about our beliefs, vision, staff, ministries, news, calendar of events, sermon archives etc

We also communicate through the following social media:
Facebook Victory Baptist Newmarket
Twitter @victorynewmrket

Once a month we publish a sheet of the upcoming month’s birthdays and anniversaries of our church family, for those who would like to reach out to people on their special day. This sheet can be found at the Usher’s Table at the back of the sanctuary. The birth year is not published.

Every family is assigned a mail folder, as another means of communication between the office and church families. It may also be used for church families to communicate with each. The mail file folders are kept in the gray file cabinet which is located across from the washrooms. The folders are arranged alphabetically by surname. Please check your mail folder regularly.

We publish an annual Church Directory with the contact information of everyone in the church so families are able to communicate with each other. This includes names, phone numbers, address and emails. Please complete and return your Family Profile on page 2 by February 18, 2018. Krista King will be available at the Info Desk for 15 minutes after each service until Feb 18th to receive your Family Profile and to answer any questions or concerns. A copy of the new church directory will be placed in your mail folder once it has been published.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact either Krista King or Karen Bedley in the church office. (Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm) (Closed on Fridays during the summer)

(905) 853-3418
Victory Baptist Church East Gwillimbury
18408 Yonge St, East Gwillimbury, ON L9N 0J4

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