Virtual Summer Camp: Victory Explorers

August 4, 2020 – August 25, 2020 all-day
Virtual Summer Camp: Victory Explorers

We recently put on a Virtual Summer Camp for children and families to grow in God’s Word. We had a fantastic time together! If you would like to watch our program, or participate in any of the crafts, you can find all of the videos at the links below.

All four of our Teaching videos can be found on our Facebook page or by clicking here

All of our Craft Videos can be found on our Youtube Channel or by clicking here

Below you will find a list of the crafts that we made together during camp, as well as a list of what is needed for each one.

Week one: Rooted in God’s Word

Learn how God uses the smallest seeds to make the coolest and yummiest plants by planting your very own soybean seed! Your kids will love building their own seed planter out of a toilet paper roll. We can’t wait to see how your family grows along with that seed.

You will need: a toilet paper roll, soil, one soybean seed

You can download the Growth Journal Here: Victory Explorers Growth Journal

Week two: Foraging for the Fruit of the Spirit

As you and your family plant yourselves in God’s Word, you’ll begin to see fruit! Learn how the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of those who love Jesus by making this awesome Fruit of the Spirit craft.

You will need: construction paper (several colours), pipe-cleaner, markers

Week 3: Fishing with Jesus

Learn how Jesus told the disciples to be fishers of people by doing some fishing yourself! This fun fishing game will remind the whole family to follow Jesus and to share the gospel with everyone.

You will need: one small stick, string, a few small magnet pieces, craft foam, googly eyes, liquid glue

Here is a Colouring Page to go along with this week’s lesson

Week 4:  The Victory Explorer’s Bird Lodge

Just as God takes care of us, we are going to take care of the birds. See how God takes care of all the creatures on the Earth by making your very own birdhouse. Don’t forget to drink your milk because your going to need a milk carton for this beautiful backyard attraction.

You will need: one carton (i.e. juice, milk, cream), a few small sticks, paint, string, liquid glue, bird seed


This adorable fish will help your family to hide God’s Word in your heart, as you play a fin-tastic game of Bible Verse Match-Up! And you even get to keep the fish!

You will need: one plastic water bottle, construction paper, tissue paper, googly eyes, liquid glue

Click here to download the Bible Verse Strips for this craft.

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