Opportunity to Serve

Written by Victory Baptist

We are currently seeking someone to head up the building, exterior property maintenance and capital up-keep of our church.  As we move forward with God’s leading this is a huge need we now have.

If you have been sitting in the pews wondering how can I serve, this may be for you. Do you have experience in project management, asset management, leadership opportunity and skills, and building construction? Administration and communication skills and a great attitude are desirable to engage and encourage others to help with maintaining and keeping the building and property, that God has entrusted us to use to do His work.

This is not a job that you should have to do alone.  It would be great to see if a team would rise up that would take this on to serve with your God given giftedness to serve the body of Christ.  Our building is used for so much ministry, and though it is a building, it needs to be cared for.

This position is needed to be engaged by January 1st 2018.

Please contact Mike Beadle.